Bedworth & Exhall

The Bedworth and Exhall Development Land Action Meetings (BEDLAM) was formed at the beginning of the first consultation period, or rather towards the end of said consultation because no-one knew about it until it was nearly finished!!  I was so incensed by this cavalier attitude of the Council towards its voting populace that I looked to some of the old retainers to start The Fight.  However, said old retainers had, understandably seen their fill of political skullduggery and therefore it meant starting from scratch.


We are still a burgeoning group looking for all the support we can get to try and stop the developments taking place on our surrounding areas of green belt.  Quite apart from the callous destruction of flora and fauna such development would cause, these areas provide the last remaining defined boundaries between Coventry and Bedworth and play a strong role in preventing Bedworth from becoming another Coventrian suburb.


To join The Fight and help protect our environment please join us.  Any further info available from Angela at: