Bulkington Resident’s Voice (BRV) was formed in February 2017. When residents found out that almost 700 houses were proposed to be added at the 11th hour in Bulkington to the Borough Plan.

The group has been incredibly active they meet every week to discuss issues. We have submitted written and individual representations at every stage of inspection. in under three weeks we got over 2000 signatures backing the detailed representations which we have written.

We have held three meetings in the village both to packed audiences who were as outraged and as concerned as our committee.

BRV has spoken at every stage of the hearings and regularly attends all full council and cabinet meetings where the Borough Plan is discussed. We have become a thorn in the side of the council as we hold them to account for their actions and highlight the flaws with the plan which has caused them great embarrassment.

We are currently working alongside other resident Action groups from across the Borough as we continue to fight and get the council to listen to the residents.

Bulkington has its own dedicated website to fight the borough plan: www.savebulkington.com

BRV recently conducted a public meeting to discuss the Borough Plan, a copy of the slides can be found here:

BRV 22 OCT 2018

A full review of the meeting can be found here: http://www.residentsaction.com/bulkington-public-meeting-october-2018/