Complaint To NBBC About Dishonest Activities By The Council

We recently were made away of some serious allegations made by a former councillor in relation to the conduct of the Council and their handling of the Borough Plan, namely that it was a politically driven plan and not one that was in the best interests of the residents who pay their taxes.

We researched the councils own constitution and consider that they have breached these guidelines, and so we have written a formal complaint, to which we have received a confirmation of receipt and are awaiting a response.

A copy of this complaint is found below:

NBBC Letter of Complaint 15 oct 18

UPDATED 25th October 2018

We have now received a response from NBBC regarding the complain, a copy of which can be found here:  Response Letter

We consider the response unsatisfactory, and are considering our options on what next steps to take and will update here as the story progresses.

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