David Spencer (Inspectors) Response – Borough Plan – Post Main Modifications Consultation

 20 December 2018 

Dear Mrs Moreton and Planning Policy Team 

Borough Plan – Post Main Modifications Consultation 

Can I thank the Council for their efficient assessment of the main modification consultation responses and the helpful ‘fileshare’ format which has enabled a considerable amount of material to be sent to me quickly and paperless. If not done so already, the duly made representations on the proposed main modifications need to be made available on the examination website for transparency. 

I’ve now read the representations on the proposed main modifications and I set out below, my initial advice on next steps for the examination. 

Additional material for the examination 

I agree with the Council’s assessment of those reps that are not duly made with the exception of the Framptons’ submission, to which I am going to give the benefit of doubt in terms of oversight and which needs to be accepted for their other duly made reps to make any sense. I am not going to accept any other late submissions. 

The examination has received a 7 minute video from Cllr Kondakor. I note this was received within the timeframe and relates to main modifications on housing numbers and his accompanying written submissions on that matter. The Planning Inspectorate is generally supportive of video evidence and on this basis I am going to accept it into the examination. 

I am aware that the Exhall Residents Association presented additional transport evidence in relation to School Lane and the capacity of School Lane/Bayton Road/Coventry Road junction and inter-relationships with the nearby Black Horse Road junction on Longford Road. I understand that this was presented to Warwickshire County Council’s (WCC) Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 14 November 2018 and subsequently WCC have provided an analysis prepared by Vectos. I would like the Vectos document submitted into the examination library for completeness. 

An additional Hearing Session – February 2019 

In light of the proposed inclusion of Site HSG12 the former Hawkesbury Golf Course, and in the interests of fairness to those who have made representations, I will be holding a further hearing session in relation to this site. I also consider, having now read the various representations on proposed main modifications, it would be necessary to revisit a limited number of other matters including the proposed alternative highways access to HSG4 Woodlands and to clarify matters in relation to a 5 year supply of deliverable housing land on plan adoption. 

There is an appreciable amount of ground to cover but my suggestion is to focus matters, in the first instance, into one day and my preferred date is 19 February 2019. I will determine who I need to hear evidence from but it is my intention 

that I only need to hear from a small number of key participants to get the information I need. In respect of most matters, highway infrastructure is a key consideration and I would be grateful if representatives from WCC were in attendance to assist the examination on the 19th. It would be sensible to hold the 20th as a reserve date if required. 

The hearing date would need to be notified at least 6 weeks beforehand – which would be 7 January 2019. I will be issuing an agenda (with identified participants) and questions based on the material that is already before me in w/c 14 January 2019. I will not seeking any further written statements for the hearing session but I will be liaising further with the Council on some detailed points within the main modification responses early in the new year to seek a number of clarifications in advance of the 19th February. 

Yours sincerely 

David Spencer 



original document here: INS37_20 December 2018 Letter

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