Does Unelected Phillip Richardson of NBBC have too much say over the proceedings of the borough?

As a recent full council Phillip Richardson intervened in the debate of a motion put forward by the opposition regarding a request that the plan should immediately be reviewed – giving the residents of the borough a concrete guarantee.

Kris Wilson confirmed that the motion has already been pre-cleared by the legal team but Phillip Richardson argued that it could not be worded in that way and must be changed.

Does the fact he left this until in the chamber point to the fact he is inept or that he has some political bias?  We would love to hear your comments below.

On numerous occasions Phillip Richardson has acted in a way that, from an outsiders point of view, may lean towards a political party.

It is our view that he should have been in control of checking the motions on the evening before hand ensuring that they are legally compliant before debit in the chamber and should stay out of such proceedings.

Phillips intervention can be seen in this full recording on the council session:

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