Neil Phillips Waters Down Commitment To Review Borough Plan

Councillor has watered down his parties commitment from “reviewing at the earliest possible opportunity” to being “high on the agenda”

Portfolio holder Neil Phillips has shown disregard to local residents objections and calls for an immediate review and so this action doesn’t surprise us. ┬áTricia Phillips however threw open a door committing to a review at the earliest possible opportunity, which would be the very next day the plan was adopted. We say this plan should be reviewed immediately, but ultimately support that the next day from when it is adopted would be the best we could hope for.

Neil Phillips however has watered this down entirely, committing to it being just high on the agenda – a complete farce of a comment with zero commitment to actually do anything at all – despite calls from MP’s review this borough plan.

To read the full storey, check it out on the nuneaton news website here:


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