Taylor Wimpy & Politically Driven Campaigners Curtin & Co to show Bulkington housing plans – ON LAND THAT HAS NOT BEEN ALLOCATED TO BUILD ON!


Taylor Wimpy has a huge amount of complaints relating to house purchasers who get sold a dream – do not listen to the propaganda of Curtin & Co next week who will in our opinion attempt to do exactly the same with residents of this village – sell a dream but most likely fail to deliver unsustainable development with scant regard to local infrastructure and facilities.

Ironically their advert states “..deliver large amounts of green space…’ – we already have that thank you Curtin & Co – its called the GREEN BELT!

Check out some of the complaints about Taylor Wimpy here – if this is how they treat paying customers, imagine what they will treat village residents who are NOT buying homes from them?

In a very premature stance to building around the village, Taylor Wimpy and their politically driven henchmen Curtin & Co have taken to arranging a public exhibition to display what we expect to be outline plans of their vision for the site off Bedworth Road.

Unless Taylor Wimpy and Curtin & Co have been involved in foul play in respect to the planning inspectors process and they know something that isn’t in the public domain, they are essentially discussing plans on land that is GREEN BELT AND CANNOT BE BUILT UPON – well before the planning inspector comes back with his findings or before the borough plan is even adopted.

A complete kick in the teeth to residents, of which 6600 of them across the borough signed a petition to stop the excessive housing being built.

Despite the figures in the borough plan being hideously outdated – the policy framework they used dated back to 2012!

Despite the latest ONS figures showing that the borough plan targets are neither achievable, sustainable or NEEDED!

Despite the fact NBBC has failed to hold developers to account for public infrastructure such as schools and community facilities across our borough already – developers simply want to profiteer without delivery of local facilities to support the housing they plan on building.

We urge all members of the public to demonstrate against Taylor Wimpy and Curtin & Co at this exhibition to show local distrust and resentment at this disastrous borough plan.

BRV are monitoring the situation closely. Please let people know:-

  1. The Borough Plan has not been approved by the planning inspector. He has not published any reports either way.
  2. Even if the plan is passed it then needs to be formally adopted by the Council. This will be unlikely to happen before the summer. So there will be no bulldozers moving in any time soon.
  3. If the plan is voted for and adopted by the council. Each developer will have to submit plans for individual sites and it will have to go through the normal planning considerations that any new building would go through. This includes public meeting and consultation. So it is not something that can or will be automatically adopted.
  4. As residents we can still put forward our objections. We have spoken to all three local MP’s and they are backing us and will get behind us. More information on this in coming weeks.
  5. As residents of the development if allowed to go ahead then we can form a group which can influence how the development can look. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WISH TO BE INVOLVED.What we would ask is that residents who object start standing up to be counted. We will be there protesting next week and will make our views very clear. I hope others amongst you will join us and we will show Taylor Wimpey and Curtain and Co there little lapdog smoke and mirror company what our views are.

The local news article here: https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/bulkington-taylor-wimpey-development-16074848

One thought on “Taylor Wimpy & Politically Driven Campaigners Curtin & Co to show Bulkington housing plans – ON LAND THAT HAS NOT BEEN ALLOCATED TO BUILD ON!

  1. this must be stopped how dare they ASSUME they can even display what has not been discussed passed or .even considered by the council. its a disgrace through out the country how thease large building companies are making millions of profit at the cost of our green belt which cannot be replaced, everyone in the local comunity must get together and fight to stop this happening in our village.

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