Whitestone Residents Action Group (WRAG)

The Whitestone Residents Action Group were formed to oppose the current Nuneaton and Bedworth Local Plan when it was published in January 2017. The loss of the Green Belt land off Golf Drive was our inspiration as this is the start of a well established rural walk to the Lime Kilns Public House on the canal. It is used by people from all over the Borough and outside. During the dry and warm periods there are streams of Families, Ramblers and Cyclists using it. This accords with a key objective of the Council to ensure that all residents have access to quality open space in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why would they want to take this away?

We also became involved in trying to protect the Green Belt in Gypsy Lane and the proposed development in Eastborough Way by the Crematorium. The first site suffered from lack of support from those living next to it and the latter is not on Green Belt land which reduced the weight of our opposition.

Recently the proposal to build 330+ homes just off Chetwynd Drive has led to the residents forming an opposition group and joining WRAG because it all comes under Whitestone. We have resolved to do all we can to protect our remaining Green areas otherwise we will just become one huge housing estate.

We need all the help we can get so if you wish to join us then please contact me at


or if you are in the Chetwynd area


We particularly need assistance during September and October whilst the latest Consultation stage is taking place. Let us show the strength of feeling in our area.